Quality and safety

The well-being of children is especially dear to our heart. We want to develop products that make children happy and support their development.
As a manufacturer of children’s toys and accessories, we are aware of our responsibilities, so product quality and safety always come first.

Children’s health and the products’ fitness for purpose and long useful life are very important for us and our products are made exclusively from tested and non-toxic materials. We serve international markets and sell our products all over the world, so they meet international standards, are subject to strict tests and are certified.
Our own children and those of our staff give the  finished products the final quality seal. They are our toughest critics and only when they are impressed are we satis ed enough to approve the products for sale.

As well as the products, our production facilities are inspected several times a year at regular intervals by our internal quality managers and independent organisations (TÜV/SGS).

The final quality stamp of the finished product is given by our own and the children of our employees. They are the hardest critics. Only when they are enthusiastic, we are satisfied and release the products for sale.

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